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Q. Do you repairer other brands of Boots?
A. YES we regularly repair many other brands.

Q. Can you replace zippers that have broken?
A. Yes this can be done.

Q. I wish I had bought my boots with zippers in them, can you put them in anyway?
A. Yes we most certainty can, we do this regularly.

Q. Are black equestrian boots the only colour you make?
A. No we have made brown ones as well. The colour is your choice.

Q. My boots are now tight around the calf, can they be made bigger in that area?
A. Yes we have done this many times.

Q. I had a accident and my feet are somewhat different does this matter
with making boots?
A. No not at all, we measure both feet and legs and make the boots accordingly.

Q. Do you go to Equestrian events with your boots.
A. Yes throughout the year we are at Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
Please check this web site for the ones we will be attending.
Times and address will be posted.