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Measurement Is Essential!

Since it is our aim to make only the very best of boots, it is essential that we measure your feet ourselves. To do that you can visit our workshop or we can take your measurements whenever we are at any of the state equestrian events.

What are some advantages of our hand made boots?

Firstly and most importantly we make your boots to your measurements. Unlike mass produced boots that never really fit the unique shape of your foot, each foot is measured individually, as no two feet are exactly the same. So they are guaranteed to fit.

You get to pick the style of boot
YOU like.

Only the finest Australian and New Zealand leathers are used in the entire boot. This includes the
uppers, linings and the sole, which enables your feet to breathe.

We hand sew the welts and hand last all our boots in order to make a product which is strong, durable and most importantly, comfortable.

Tough sole leather heel counters ensure that your boots will keep their shape over the years.

Over 130 years old
A treasure that we still use.